Monday, September 19, 2011

Google Sites User Survey Available

New Google Sites User Survey available.

Go ahead, take it.
Here is a direct link:

Feedback has done great things for Google Sites, like page-permissions. Take a moment.

What did I write about?

Column Widths - The sidebar page templates are often too small. This would allow for more interesting layouts.

Premium Templates - let designers like myself sell our work, like wordpress.

Dedicated Footer Background - with ability to span browser width.

Horizontal Navigation Padding Toggle - I want to be able to bring an image flush to the navigation bar.

Better Gadgets Community - a better database, organization, top / popular / high-rated gadgets. Unappealing is the gadget system, which is lack luster compared to Wordpress or other competitors. Finding solid plugins is a frustration.

Background Image Rendering - If you use background image as a header background it doesn't properly render (appears higher) when logged into the Google Site.

What did you write about?


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