Friday, May 18, 2012

RSS Feed with Feedburner's BuzzBoost

Kyle here from Kirksville Web Design. For some reason the Embed RSS Feed featured gadget is broken and we all needed a solution to embedding an RSS feed into our Google Sites.

You needed it, we made it.

Using Feedburner, a service of Google, you can use this handy XML gadget I created to add a nice looking feed.

Simply go through the steps of adding your syndication to Feedburner and click on the "Publicize tab." From there, you'll see BuzzBoost - Republish your RSS Feed as HTML! Activate this service and customize your options. You'll see a code for adding this to your Google Sites webpage.

Copy this string of code, your Javascript URL for the feed. (See the highlighted part in the screenshot below.

Copy that code and get ready to use it!

"But Google Sites doesn't support Javascript" you may say. Google Sites supports Javascript in the confines of a gadget.

So, here's your gadget. Styled and everything, located at:

  • Copy the link address for the xml gadget and go to your website
  • Edit Page
  • Insert
  • More Gadgets
  • Add gadget by URL
  • Paste URL
  • Add the Javascript URL
  • Save!
You can configure the gadget after the fact using Buzzboost to determine number of posts, snippets, etc.

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