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New Feature - Quick Site Layout

INTRO There is now a quick and easy way to edit Site Layout. For those new to Google Sites, the old way of things (which will be retired in due time) was to go to More > Manage Site > Site Layout. Then you would have to make changes, save, and see how those changes affected your website. Here's what's new: Under More you will see "Edit Site Layout   New! " Site Layout can now be interactively changed. Options are available: Header, Horizontal Nav, Sidebar, Footer. IMAGES Header options are available when you select header area. Even the Header background image. Very nice. It's been a while since I saw New! used in connection with Google Sites. Little edit and add buttons allow you to make a lot of changes on the fly. CONCLUSION Google Sites is receiving more of the attention it deserves. As my Google Sites designing and consulting business, Kirksville Web Design, I continue to see how company's are using Sites.

Resell Google Sites

As you all probably know I work for Kirksville Web Design as Lead Designer. We've proudly partnered with many Google Apps Resellers who then in turn market and resell our services. What do you mean "Resell"? Kirksville Web Design creates custom Google Sites websites. We usually provide fixed firm price quotes to our clients. However, if you find a client for us, we can provide you  the price quote and then you can add your own profit margin (for example 10%). Give me an example Let's say you're an IT guy, you sell computers and do networking. You aren't a graphic designer, but you know a lawyer who needs a new website, either it looks horrendous or he doesn't have one at all. Offer to create a website for him using this awesome web designer you know (that's us!). Email us and tell us about your lawyer friend. We'll send to a survey to share with the lawyer friend. When he fills that out and gives it back to you then we can take a look