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RSS Feed for Google Sites!

A Reliable Gadget for Embedding your Feeds I was struggling just weeks ago trying to create a RSS feed that looked decent and accomplished what should be a simple task. This minor update caught me by surprise and I am happy to see it. I was using FeedWind to accomplish a RSS feed through an iframe, that means my html was hosted with a third-party and embedded onto the webpage via Mori79's iframe gadget (search iframe under public gadgets and it is the first one). The Slideshow Option. Not terribly useful, but nice. Anyways, no more iframes, just a customizable, easy to use Google-endorsed gadget. We at Kirksville Web Design have already fully tested out this gadget including the interesting display feature, slideshow. The slideshow only shows the title as a link and a thumbnail. It's not the most useful or aesthetically pleasing, but I'm all for options here. No Transparency Allowed on Hexcode for bg color. Here's the original post below. Enjoy! Better