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Google Sites Roadmap - 10 Features from Classic to New

The roadmap from Classic Google Sites to New Google Sites has been eagerly anticipated this year. The Google Suite team provided general goals previously, like a migration tool to transfer to New Sites. Since Classic Sites will shut down eventually (maybe in 2018), we are building all new portals, hubs, intranets in the New Sites application. It is quickly coming up to speed. 1. Migration Tool coming Q4 2017. Good to hear. No one wants to manually copy and paste hundreds of pages of content from their site. 2. Intranet Search Engine  A must have. Perhaps this could tap into Google Suite's other search engine technologies that feature search into Drive, calendar, etc. 3. Page Level Permissions, Fine-tuned Access Permissions A nice have for portals, definitely. 4. Iframes, Markup, Code Inject This will make a big difference and allow Sites to reach outside the Google ecosystem to bring in all sorts of other third-party content, embedded into Sites.