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Backgrounds, Layout, and Call to Action

Intro Here at Kirksville Web Design , we aren't afraid to try new things. New gadgets, backgrounds, layouts, and styles. It great to test the creative mind and think outside the box. Everything in a website has to work in symbiosis, it has to agree. The background image on a Google Site largely dictates the flow of a website, the layout leads your visitor, and the call to action creates conversions (e.g. a product sold, a form filled out, page read). Here's an example of everything working together - synchronicity. Like a Clownfish in the Anemone - Elements need to work together for mutual benefit Background There are two primary background images for the Google Sites Designer: background image wrapper and background image. One usually acts as the header, one as the footer (and doesn't matter much which one is which). The header can be understated or a huge attention grabber. If you are using a slideshow - you want the header to be short in height, because t

Free Font Favorite - RB No2

Just a quick post here to highlight another amazing free font, one of 2011's best fonts - RB No2 by Rene Bieder of . Here is a link to the free download: Kirksville Web Design - Looking Good in RB No2 Enjoy! Chime in you other lovers of typography.

Google Sites New Look Becomes Permanent

I've heard all sorts of praise and criticism about Google's new look for all it's apps. Honestly, I liked the black bar at the top, but that not really the point of this article. So Google Sites go its own little stylistic refresh and non Google Apps users have been testing it out over the last couple weeks. Anyways, that new look becomes permanent across all Sites users and accounts. From a recent post by Google, on 12/6 the new look will be the default standard look and I'm so far not sure that you can hold on to the old look. I wouldn't imagine so at least. So warn your Google Sites end users. Like me, I think they will find it a refreshing change.