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Tip - Dynamic Resizing

I don't know when it happened. I don't why it only works of Internet Explorer. This is a great discovery nonetheless - Dynamic Resizing of images in Google Sites. The Discovery It wasn't until recently that I started using IE for making Google Sites. The reason - Firefox and Chrome are logged into two other Google accounts. Anyways, that's not exactly important, what is important is that instead of the typical [ Small - Medium - Large ] you can scale an image to whatever you want it to be, and it looks pretty good too! The Proof Check out these two screen shots. Resizing capability with Google Sites using Internet Explorer 9, who figured? Dynamic scaling of images is a wonderfully nice tool to have. The Impact This development allows for flexibility within Google Sites. No longer must I have measurements exactly right for a vertical line divider...I can extend it when I need to. The Questions Will this interesting happenstance roll out for Google Ch

Tip: Image Map in Google sites

Look at the site: See what's special about it? It is made using the ‘image map’ technique. You can take your Google site website into greater level using “Image map”.  It's very easy. Here is the steps: Go to the website, Upload the image in above website Define your links Copy the HTML code Paste the code in to Google site HTML column   upload the same image to your picasaweb album/ photobucket.  copy the image url Replace the image name into copied picasaweb album/ photobucket url Save That’s it! Enjoy.

New Site -

If you are looking for more Google Sites inspiration I have one for you. Kirksville Web Design just finished a project with TECHease of Raleigh, North Carolina . I've posted some screenshots for you all with comments. Also, I ran into a conflict and I want to give everyone a heads up. The error: This address is already being used. So how you do fix the This address is already being used error. My client was using Google Apps and bought their domain name from Google. So that web address was already spoken for. Here's what I did: Requested admin access to client's Google Apps Under Google Sites on the dashboard, I went to Site Mapping ( Delete that Site Mapping for the spoken-for web address. Proceed as usual (Google used to purchase the domain, unlock the domain and jump in DNS) Anyways, to the screenshots! Easy on the eyes. Conquer .png for Google Sites Tables, read the post on Magic Tables. B

New Template - Carbide

Kirksville Web Design has a new Google Sites theme available named Carbide, which sports a sophisticated design perfect for businesses, photographers, and tech websites. Carbide makes good use of the 100+ new web fonts available for Google Sites , mainly using the popular Lobster font. The main background (background image) is textured and gradient to make it interesting. The footer background (background wrapper image) provides perfect space for footer information like links and contact info. Did you know that background wrapper image is layered above background image and background color. That makes it great for footer backgrounds! Bold bright text really pops off the cool stark background As seen here, you can use one grand image (site is 900px wide) to show off your product in high-definition. This would be perfect for embedding a video or iframe for a slideshow. The navigation disregards even the horizontal navigation because of its limitation. Although your navigation