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New Google Sites Updates - More Button & Pop-up

More Button Just a simple change of user experience. The More Button, as we all called it, is now a more commonly seen gear or cog icon. Therefore it gives the impression of Global Settings. Pop-up Disclaimer You've probably seen this initial website load-up shadow boxes. Well now Google Sites has one. Right now it is text only and is optional. There you go, just two quick updates that I've seen come through. Is this a weekly thing now? Thanks Google Sites team.

Google Sites Updates - New Organization, SEO & Social Features

Intro We love to see Google Sites updates come along, don't we? I am happy to report of three updates to Google Sites: File Cabinet Sorting & Collapse Folders Ability Canonical Web Addresses Embed a Google Plus post These have each rolled out individually over the past month or two (sorry for not updating you sooner!) Let's discuss each update, how it impacts Google Sites and why you should care. File Cabinet Sorting & Collapse Folders Ability This feature is the newest and can be useful for those of you still using the File Cabinet page template, as opposed to embedding multiple Google Drive Folders. Essentially here's what you do: Go to More Page Settings There you will see: Collapse folders by default Show column headers This is only available on File Cabinet type pages. To setup as a File Cabinet (webpage template is the default). Do this: More Change Page Template Choose File Cabinet This is a nice feature, but I question as to t