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Google Sites Promoted as Hub Solution

Intro Google Next 2017 and a flurry of updates to Google Suite have provided some new discoveries concerning Google Sites. We all know the transition is here from Classic to New Sites, but the vision and roadmap have no been as clear. Will the New Google Sites become the product for the corporate portal, hub and team site? New evidence suggests the answer is yes. Here's why... Recent Discoveries: Work hacks from G Suite: a new corporate training regimen (no weights required) This article, published on March 23, 2017, makes a strong case for New Sites as a viable employee handbook, onboarding hub, training center, etc. They even made this cute little gif for us. Obviously team drives create a central place within Google Drive for teams to collaborate and share files. Those pop-in nice and easy within a Google Site.  They also noted the responsiveness of New Sites fo