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Redesigned Google Sites Commenting

Guess what? You can now see the faces of those who are commenting on your Google Site. But let's be honest, how many of you are actually using the comments system in Google Sites? I haven't stressed this feature to my clients but perhaps now I'm a bit more proud of the commenting system at the footer of Google Sites pages. What's new? You get portraits, a better looking design, and notification settings. Tip: If you don't want the comments feature at the bottom of a specific page, go to More > Page Settings > Disable Comments. Conclusion This is a small feature upgrade, but perhaps it will allude to the much more demanded public commenting system people have been clamoring for. I mean, add public comments to your announcements so that it acts more like a blog. It's been difficult to integrate Disqus to Google Sites (can be done but looks pretty clunky). In the meantime, this is nice for those who are already using the editor/owner comments

Favorite Free Font - Sahara

I love typography, especially when it is free. In honor of this gem I found from UpperType , here's a fun graphic. Also, just for your information, the sub font used is Sansita One.

Google Sites Survey Available

It seems like these surveys crop up every other month or so. Since Google Sites received a recent update with the new "Edit Site Layout" option in the More button, they must be listening to the community of Google Sites users. That update was more of a convenience than anything, not a new feature, but I use it all the time now, especially on adding links to my Horizontal Navigation. Anyways, please take your time to fill out the Google Sites survey the best you can. This feedback will undoubtedly point the Google Docs team to implement most wanted features. How would you describe Google Sites in one word? Most often I choose words like: efficient, easy, versatile. Tell me what you think and stay tuned for more Google Sites news.