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Go, Do This! How To - The 'Mouse Over Image Change'

Hey, Beckystar here again from web princess :) One of my favourite effects is the 'Mouse Over Image Change', like the example I have made on my home page, my web princess logo is turquoise on white, move your mouse pointer over it, now it's turquoise on black! - click here to see it. (I apologise now for the lengthy links used in my code example, no doubt yours will be the same too!) This is so easy to do . . . . Click Edit page ► Insert ► More gadgets ► Search: Code Wrapper ► Select ► embed the code below, customise it, and remember to change the width and heights to the size of the images you use. TIP - It's best to use two images roughly the same size! TIP -To get the url of your images click More Actions ► Manage Site ► Attachments ► Click View on the images you want to use ► Copy the URL from the address bar of the pop up window displaying the image ► Repeat for image 2! This is the code: <style type="text/css"> .outer {width:245px

Tip - The Small Things

Even BIG professional web designers miss some basic things in Google site powered professional  website. Some of them are: Favicon:   Making a favicon and upload in Google sites is very simple. That gives you the personalised look.  That’s not very tough, right?... Go to and just make one favicon and upload it in Google site's attachments. (Ha ha, I know, most of them are aware of it, but even they are not doing it.). Site header/ Background/ Wrapper images:   Some plain Background images are always not necessary too BIG, like this.              You can make a header like this, instead of above.        and make it repeat horizontally.   So we can reduce the size, and web page will load faster. Logo:   It’s always nice to put a logo in separately uploaded as logo ( Site layout> Height: Use theme default (change logo)). So that, It’ll clickable to homepage. You can make a .png image with background as transparent.   See the sample site .

Google Sites Survey Available!

Google is now accepting surveys for Google Sites. If you log in to , in bold red font in the upper right of the browser it says " New - Take our Survey ." This survey is specifically for Google Sites and contains some wonderful response fields for feedback related to most aspects of using Google Sites, including appearance. Take the Survey - Grade Google Sites Google Sites designers, please take your time to submit this quick survey - it even contains paragraph fields for what you like and don't like about Google Sites (I wrote a lot, believe me). I suggested Javascript support, mouse-over image support, Slider/Slide Deck support, Column Width customization, and more. What will you write? What do you love/hate about Google Sites. Comments encouraged! Thanks folks.

New Template and Navigation Tip

 Apple has released their Ipad 2, it is a beautiful tablet with power and intuitive design. So I spent a lot of time of Apple's website . Beautifully simple, that's how I would describe it. Something attainable with Google Sites. Many GS websites are simple too, but not so polished. The Template I made this website from scratch. Nothing, including the nice tablet graphic is stolen, merely modeled. And I do not want to get in trouble so it is a software company draft. Please visit and enjoy. Google Sites, beautifully clean design. The "tablet" graphic is custom made with inkscape. I plan on making a video tutorial for this as it is easy enough for beginners and looks quite nice. I have already used it on my homepage for Kirksville Web Design . I tried my best to create a sophisticated, not cheesy-looking, glassy navigation bar graphic.  The graphic is part of the "wrapper background," nothing special. One thing I am particular sad about is the inab

Google Sites and Google Apps Scripts

Released on 3/15/2011 More integration between Google Sites and Google Apps Scripts is now available with a new Apps Scripts gadget. This allows more complex workflows and custom applications to be built into your Google Site. Release track: Rapid* Editions included: Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education Languages included: All languages supported by Google Sites How to access what's new: - When editing a site, select ‘Insert’ then ‘Apps Script gadget’ to add an existing script to the page. For more information: *Rapid Release track: Domains with ‘Enable scheduled releases’ checkbox disabled in the administrator control panel. Learn more

Magic Tables! Get Lined Up And Look Pro!

Happy Saturday Everyone! Well I have lots of memories of help needed on how to line up text and pictures and sometimes clicking on an image and selecting "wrap on" is not good enough when designing your google site. Perhaps you want to add some thumb nails of pictures with a description underneath, or,  maybe you want to create a four column look like  Perfect Square Solutions' site which will brilliantly advertise your services. To create the effect choose a one column area within your pages. Now, click on Insert > Table - then select the size you require, in this instance select two rows and four columns like this: Click in each cell columns and add text and pictures. I would recommend your pictures should be around the same size, your pictures should also be centralised. How you have them is up to you, have a play! Text looks good lined up to the left as have done and so has my example which is looki

Gadgets for Galleries

Trying to get a good gallery in Google Sites isn't the best. But to all those who would like something cool, do a gadget search for COOLIRIS . This gadget works hand in hand with your Picasa Web Album. Adding your user name (gmail name) and the name of your album ( (user) / (album) ) makes it real simple and easy to add. For some help on adding gadgets, be sure to check out the post Useful Gadgets to learn how to add them to your site. For an example of the Cooliris Gallery you can view my site to see how they work. It's really neat and can add a nice flare to your portfolio or just a nice gallery! With the option to expand your gallery full screen, allow you to keep your dimensions small but still allow others to view the full image with no lost of DPI. Hope this is a good useful tips Be sure to post some of your work on our site to show case your proud work!