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Update! New Google Sites Background Options

Intro Google Sites has been lacking some major features in the background department for many years. There are two background images that you can utilize: Background Image and Wrapper Image. Wrapper Image have a higher z value than Background Image, meaning it can be superimposed (be on top of) Background Image. That's where most of the fun was for using background images in Google Sites. You could have a header (wrapper image) sitting on top of a general pattern or photo (background image). The Google Sites team has added something new into the mix! Fix and Stretch those backgrounds. Fixed Backgrounds What is meant by a Fixed position background? You may have seen these for years, typically on Blogger blogs. Basically the image is stuck to the background so that no matter how much you scroll, it is seemingly fixed. Here's an example of this effect: Stretched Backgrounds Called "Stretch to cover" this option will ensure tha