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Feedback Right in Google Sites

It's wonderful - two new links in the MORE drop down box: one leads you to the Google Sites Help Forum, the other leads you to Google Feedback (my first encounter with this wonderful tool. Check out my experience below. Now you can 'Report an Issue' as soon as it crops up, or just make a suggestion.

Favorite Free Font - Arvil Sans

Avril Sans from the Lost Type Co-Op is an awesome sans-serif / all caps / condensed font that I have recently used a few web design projects here lately. It's beautiful, it's free. I'll keep this post short and sweet because it speaks for itself. This font is a ton of fun. Enjoy the graphic =).

Major Bug Report - Background Image Fixed Position

UPDATE 2/16/2012: This bug has been fixed! Thanks to all that participated on the Google Sites Forum to get this addresses. The Google Sites team resolved this quickly and effectively! The Bug The background image has a fixed position on the page. For instance, when you scroll down the page, the background image occupies the same space regardless of where you've scrolled. This is breaking most designed Google Sites. The footer is eating my content. Help! The Effect The Google Sites help forums are totally abuzz with complaints, probably fueled by customers/clients pestering their web designers. This is a huge problem that came out of nowhere and has many designer caught off-guard. It has been escalated to Google representatives. This isn't all. Conclusion The whole issue calls into question the Google Sites team's beta-testing of updates and truthfully whether they test at all. This problem is readily visible and annoying. On the other h

Google SItes Directory

Add Your Site - It's FREE! Happy Friday! Beckystar here .... I put together a little treat for you ... sorry it's not chocolate but it is a google sites directory, soon to be the biggest online. Check it out  here ! There are simply some excellent google sites out there so it's a great tool to get some design inspiration and gadget ideas from. Let me know what you think. Whilst you are here .... Don't forget whilst you are here add your google site to the directory and get more viewers!

Google Groups and Drawings

Kyle here with Kirksville Web Design and another Google Sites update. The Google Apps teams is always kind enough to announce changes and roll them out slowly. Sometimes you'll stumble upon them randomly and say 'woah didn't know that was there.' Then you question yourself as to maybe it was there all along and you are losing your mind. Anyways, this is another smallish update to Sites (I haven't been too terribly excited since horizontal navigation rolled out 8/19/2010). Google Groups Discussion Forums There have been several occasions where I have recommended the use of Google Groups Discussion Forums. Since the beautification of this tool, it has garnered more recognition. It was always a hassle to direct clients to More Gadgets, so this is convenient. It's still a bit clunky to setup I think. You need to setup the group, grab the url, and throw it in the gadget. You've easily wasted 10 minutes just to get a commenting functionality. To fix th