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Freebie: 'Pixelated Seamless Tile Background'

Backgrounds and textures are increasingly important in contemporary web design. It can be hard to find suitable patterns for web design, I know, I've looked. It seems like everyone uses Adobe filetypes. Well here is a GIMP pattern (.pat) for free. See how I've used it below and then download it for yourself. Create a high-tech look with this tile background. Not the crazy parallelograms, the gray part. Use it for your background image in Google Sites for a fast-loading interesting background. Try it as a table background . Remember edit html, background=" image url here " in either <table> or <td> Download the .png file using 'Pay with a Tweet.' What is 'Pay with a Tweet'? A great little innovative marketing tool I found. How can I convert this to use as GIMP pattern? Open the .png file in GIMP > Save as... > Find your GIMP Folder (usually under your user) >save as a .pat > refresh your

Google Sites Grows in Popularity

The proof is in the pudding as they say. Google Sites has taken the spot of  Google Reader on the Google toolbar common across its applications. One Google employee commented: I wanted to give you more information on the changes to the links at the top of Gmail. Google is always working to improve our products, and that often results in changes such as the one you are seeing. While the link to Reader has moved, you can continue to access Google Reader under the "More" dropdown. Or, you can also set a specific bookmark to for one-click access. Depending your browser, try dragging right from this post onto the bookmark bar on your browser (usually below the URL bar). I've attached some additional information on bookmarks below. In the meantime, I've shared your feedback with the rest of the team. Thanks to for sharing this unofficial change and also noting the trend toward Google Sites. Check

Interview with Stephen Hind of

Stephen Hind is the creator/writer of , an excellent crossroads of everything Google Sites related. Stephen is a Top Contributor on the Google Sites help forums and a well-known Google Sites guru. Interviewer: Kyle Horst of Kirksville Web Design Tell us about yourself. I’m an IT Manager for a training company in the UK. My history of using and developing for the web started when I used to own my own company and a customer wanted me to make some web pages, so I learned how to. I moved on from there to work for the National Health Service in the UK, developing and maintaining websites for them. At the NHS I learned a great deal about PHP, MySQL but most importantly accessibility and usability. From there I moved to RWP Training where I was employed to look after their IT infrastructure and develop some web-based projects and re-develop the website. What’s your favorite food?! =) See my profile! ;-) (Kyle looks it up) Spaghetti Carbonara, let’s face it - you love bacon an

Google Sites User Survey Available

New Google Sites User Survey available. Go ahead, take it. Here is a direct link: Feedback has done great things for Google Sites, like page-permissions. Take a moment. What did I write about? Column Widths - The sidebar page templates are often too small. This would allow for more interesting layouts. Premium Templates - let designers like myself sell our work, like wordpress. Dedicated Footer Background - with ability to span browser width. Horizontal Navigation Padding Toggle - I want to be able to bring an image flush to the navigation bar. Better Gadgets Community - a better database, organization, top / popular / high-rated gadgets. Unappealing is the gadget system, which is lack luster compared to Wordpress or other competitors. Finding solid plugins is a frustration. Background Image Rendering - If you use background image as a header background it doesn't properly render

News - Google Sites Accessibility

Summary: Google Sites has the ability to speak actions that are taken place for the benefit of the blind. Also, hotkeys are promoted within Google Sites. Significance: Accessibility for people of all sorts is a good thing. Google Sites is that much more viable to companies who strive to provide fair opportunity to all their employees. As for hotkeys, I wouldn't emphasize that significance too much as I don't use them. However, if I want to turn Google Sites into a real-time strategy game, I'm all set! Article: Today we announced some of the updates we’ve released recently to make Google’s applications more accessible to the blind community. For Google Docs and Sites, we’re pleased to announce new keyboard shortcuts and better screen reader support for our blind users. Screen reader support in Google Docs and Sites To help blind users read, edit and navigate content, Google Docs (including documents list, documents and spreadsheets) and Sites now support two screen readers

New Feature - Customise Your Google Sites SYSTEM Footer Links

Howdy Google Siters, Google have added a new feature recently which allows you to hide 'Sign In, Recent Changes or the Print Page' links from the automated Google Sites System Footer. Just log into your site > More Actions > Site Layout > Customise System Footer Links > decide which links to hide (unfortunately you can not remove them all just the ones I mentioned earlier but it's a start!) > click ok > click save changes Let me know if you have any problems. For More Articles Visit My Site Beckystar aka Web Princess

Insert A Webpage, Group or Forum In Your Google Site!

There seems to be a lot of people wanting another web page incorporated into their google site. Here is a perfect and simple solution .... 1) Create your group/forum or find an interesting website and then insert it as a web page in your google site. Here is how to insert the page: 2) Click edit page > insert > more gadgets > search "Iframe Wrapper" > select > paste in the URL customise the display (uncheck display title, uncheck add border) 3) Click on ok and don't forget to save. And you are done! Check out the result!

Working With Templates - having a problem with a public Google Sites template and you can't locate that pesky rogue logo?

Change Your Sites Logo - are you having a problem with a public template and you can't locate that pesky rogue logo?  ok..... there are possibly a few ways the logo or image could be attached to the top of the page click on more actions > manage site > colours and fonts > scroll down and click on Site header background image and see if that is where the logo is if the logo is not there ..... click on more actions > manage site > site layout > change logo and see if it is there ...... And last but not least, the template logo could be part of the background image. If this is the case you will need to click on view, save the image to your pc and then edit the image by placing your logo over the top for example in a program such as photoshop. Let me know if this sorts out the situation for you..... B x

Chat To Clients While They Browse Your Website - It Doesn't Get Much Better Than That!

Wouldn't it be great for potential new clients to be able to contact you immediately if you are online the same time as them? Get a skype button, they can easily be used on your google site, blog or even in your email signature to let other people contact you easily. 1) Navigate to this website: Enter your skype name > Select the button you would like to use. I am using a button which shows my skype status. Click in the web html code box and copy the code that has been automatically generated. Now navigate to the page on your website where you would like you skype status button to appear. Click on edit page > Insert > More gadgets > Featured > Embed gadget > Paste in your html code Customise the gadget in the following way: Untick include border around gadget > Untick display title on gadget > Change the width to 150 and the height 60 Finally, click ok, sa