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Top 10 - Wish List for Google Sites in 2013

Hey folks!  +Kyle Horst  here with  +Kirksville Web Design  and I am super excited for 2013 when it comes to Google Sites. 2012 was a successful year for us and I foresee the demand for Google Sites growing. People are migrating to Google Apps in droves and Google Sites enjoys a slice of that success. First, lets review 2012: Easy Edit Site Layout - "Shift + L" That's the hotkey I've been learning quickly for Google Sites because it's quick and easy to edit Site Layout now. No more jostling between different tabs to verify the look and feel. New & Improved Commenting - This feature flies under the radar most of the time, but it's really nice for Wiki type projects. Those comments at the bottom of the page are now easier to follow and track thanks to some Google + type functionality. Now onto our Wish List for 2013: Anyone can comment - I think I speak for every Google Sites enthusiast when I say we want public commenting. Tie this int

Bug Report - Slow or Non-existant Google Sites Templates

Intro It looks like the Template Gallery in Google Sites is experiencing some technical difficulties. I got the screenshot below and for the past couple days copying and creating new sites has been difficult. So what's the deal? The Bug It you try to create a new site from a template or copy a site (acts similar to a template) you might not get any options for template to use. If you do see templates, it might take an infinite amount of time for the site to actually create or copy. Solution None at the moment. According to the Google Sites Help Forum, Top Contributors have submitted the issue to the Google Sites team. Potential Cause Every time Google Sites get particularly buggy, there have been updates, upgrades, or changes to the Google Sites application. Could this bug be reasoned that way? Probably. We've long await a better way to manage the Template Gallery, which contains thousands of templates, some spammy, some poor quality, some excellent. It's

Top 6 Google Webfonts for Google Sites

Intro I think everyone knows I love typography. Ever since the Google Sites team released the availability of the hundreds of Google WebFonts I have striven to take advantage of the best fonts around. There are readable fonts, striking fonts, accent fonts and cute fonts. I've cut through to the cream of the crop and found the best fonts suited for Google Sites. So enjoy these top 6 webfonts for Google Sites and implement them on your Google Sites template designs and portfolios. Sanchez This is a newcomer and is trending because of its slab-serif style, reminiscent I think of Museo, which is very popular as well but not a Webfont. Oswald This font is narrow, masculine and bold. I think it is ideal for paragraph headings. Reminds me of Bebas Neue in a way. Remember narrow isn't great for paragraph text. Open Sans It's the poster child font for Google, besides their logo. Clean and crisp, it's a great all-around font that is very legible. Use it