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Survey Available Now

Google Sites is taking user feedback via a survey right now. If you are logged into a Google Site you will see it in the tool bar next to edit page, create page, and more. I've seen it both on standard Google accounts and Google Apps for Business accounts. Take your time and let the Google Docs, that is the Sites team as well, let them know your thoughts. Thanks. It's always great to see Google Sites steered in a good direction from user input.

Working with the HTML Box

Now that the Google Sites HTML box has been out for a while for those without Google Apps, I've had some time to fool around with it. Experiments The HTML box is not the answer to free-reign scripting. You can use more  HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery, but you cannot use all of it. I couldn't embed the Google + gadget (strange errors I couldn't fix kept flagging my code to my unpublishable). I couldn't use my usual slideshow code, which uses jQuery. So I started assuming that nothing would work with the HTML that I really wanted. Free Google Sites Slideshow Code The only thing I've effectively used it for is the sample slideshow from:  . I nicely customized this slideshow and placed it on this page with its code for all to use. Just copy + paste and insert the image URLs. Click here to go to the HTML box testing page. With a custo

Favorite Free Font - INTRO by Font Fabric

Bold is Beautiful Intro by Font Fabric. Available Here.

Google Sites HTML Box - CSS / Javascript / HTML

Instructions Coming Soon... The newest Google Sites update was a big one because they released the HTML box. Think of this as a haven module for more HTML concepts, CSS, and Javascript, which includes jQuery. We're working on some samples to share soon. Stay tuned. For now, check out this support page from the Google Sites team -

Google Sites New Feature - Mass Upload

Add as many files as you want in one easy step. Free hosting on Google Sites just got better. You can add multiple files at once in the File Cabinet page, in the Add Files at the bottom of pages, in the Attachments. Remember these rules. Click image number 1, hold shift, click image number 20. You've selected images one through twenty. Click image number 1, hold control, click any individual images to add to your selection. Conclusion Google Sites is becoming a popular hub for files and I think we complained enough about having to upload files one-by-one so painstakingly.