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5 Reasons to Use Google Sites for Your Next Intranet

Introduction Hello everybody.  +Kyle Horst  with  +Kirksville Web Design  and I wanted to come to you with this article because Google Sites is really picking up steam as a great choice for company intranets. We've been designing them like crazy. Let me present to you with five reasons why Google Sites is designed for excellent intranets. 1. Highly Customizable If you've ever seen a Sharepoint based intranet you know how ugly an intranet can be. We aren't living in the 1995 era web-o-sphere so your company intranet shouldn't look like that either. Google Sites is excellent for customization since designers have access to all branding options for the modern day company: colors, webfonts, logos & backgrounds. We've designed hundreds of intranet sites in the past couple years and it is a blast to translate the company image into a fun, inviting intranet. 2. Fully Connected All the Google products are at your disposal and several embeds are just a click

Google Drive Folder Update & New Intranet Template

Google Drive Folder View Sometimes the little subtle, hard-to-find updates make a difference. While the Google Drive folder embed is still relatively new, I have seen it widely used in internal sharing sites. That popularity has tipped the Google Sites team to make this feature even more worthwhile. There are now 2 views available for the Google Drive Folder embed 1) List View 2) Grid View. By way of review, remember that the Google Folder feature is in Edit Page Mode > Insert > Folder. The List View is what we are used to. However, even it has changed a bit. Please see the following two screenshots to get an idea of what I mean. The List View used to be more compact and only had room for a description. The New List View is more spacious and shows the When and Who last modified the Doc. List or Grid View, which will you choose? Grid View - Big Thumbnail Images Grid view, seen just above, is a more direct way of viewing what is actually inside of docum