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New Fonts!

Google Sites now supports hundreds of Google Webfonts for your website. This is a wonderful change to see, though perhaps not the most requested. However, this proves that Google Sites is still on the radar of Google and that they care about customization and indeed the overall aesthetic of their product application. A big thanks to Google for translating recent Blogger changes to their Google Sites platform, enjoy the news below! Google Sites brings you over 100 new web fonts Ever wanted to make your Google site feel even more unique? Today, we added a wide variety of Google Web Fonts to Google Sites, making it easier to style your website and make it look awesome. Now you can go to Manage Site under More Actions and choose Color and Fonts in the left-hand navigation to choose fonts for the entire site in one go. The web fonts feature lets you select different sections of the site such as the entire page or just the title to selectively choose your styling. Additionally

News - Apps Script

Automate Event Management using Apps Script Tuesday, April 19, 2011 | 9:02 AM Labels: Apps Script Editor's Note: Guest author Phil Ridout is an independent consultant specialising in Knowledge Management. He is a facilitator for the Knowledge and Innovation Network (KIN) a business to business knowledge sharing network. Last year the network I help to run, KIN, decided to start using Google Sites for their shared online space called MemberSpace. This ‘MemberSpace’ is used as a repository for shared documents and information about various KIN events. I soon realised that using Google Apps Script would significantly enhance the event management process. The network facilitators organise about 30-40 events a year. For each event we need to : Create an Events page in the MemberSpace Google Site (in a standardised format) Create a Calender Event in the Network Events Calendar maintained by facilitators Announce the event on the MemberSpace news (announcements) page Allow del

Subscribe to Site/Page Changes

Google Apps Scripts is already showing some nice progress as programmers edge into Google Sites territory. Enjoy this nice tutorial from the folks at Revevol.

News - Recovery of Deleted Sites

In a recent update by Google, Google Sites receives a bit more attention with a small utility for deleted sites. I never deleted a Google Site in the first place, but I bet if I wanted to get it back I'd be frantic. Scheduled Release track features update 4/12/11 Released on 4/12/2011 Google Sites: Recovery of deleted sites. If an owner of a site accidentally deletes a site, it will be immediately removed from view but they may recover it by visiting its URL within 30 days. Release track: Scheduled* Editions included: Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education For more information: About Calendar Labs *Scheduled Release track: Domains with ‘Enable scheduled releases’ checkbox enabled in the administrator control panel. Learn more