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5 Steps to Launch a Business using Google

Intro Hello all!  +Kyle Horst  here with  +Kirksville Web Design  and now, my brand new local presence company,  Columbia Web Design   Google is an integral part of launching a new business these days. We setup a Google Apps account, launched a Google Sites website and created a Google Plus page with Maps listing. We also setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to track our web presence. So, ya, we took advantage of all the free Google resources available to new businesses. Let's take a look at the steps. Step 1 Buy a domain. We purchased because the .com was expensive and Google doesn't have domain extension (TLD) partiality. So don't feel bad if you can't get a .com Setup Google Apps for Business. GoDaddy is our preferred domain registrar. We love Google Apps for Email Service + Step 2 Decide on a business name and get that logo designed! We picked a symbol that identifies Columbia, MO. It is a Ionian s

Finally, Google Sites Navigation Spacing Update

Intro +Kyle Horst  here with  +Kirksville Web Design  for another update to Google Sites, following along the most recent major update to Colors, Fonts, and Themes. So this was the problem, in the horizontal navigation bar you have links, but they are created really close together. It makes the navigation become too crowded too quickly. Now, we can modify the margins or padding around horizontal navigation links through the Themes, Colors, and Fonts panel. It used to be the case that you could add spacers in the horizontal navigation bar, by using Add URL, hitting the space bar for the Title of the Link and pasting a bogus URL. You were given about 10 pixels of space then, with no adverse effect. About the New Feature I believe this is still only available through Rapid Release if you are running Google Apps for Business. Go to More > Manage Site > Themes, Colors, and Fonts > Horizontal Navigation > Layout. Here's what you'll see: Click to Enlarge We a

New Google Sites Features - Change Navigation Font Size +

Intro Hey! +Kyle Horst  here with  +Kirksville Web Design  Good things come to those who wait and those who post their feedback on the Google Sites help forum and Google Sites issues list. The Google Sites team has released some significant changes to the platform today. Rolling it out to regular Google accounts and Rapid Release Google Apps accounts. What's New? Here's what you get: Ability to change font size of Horizontal Navigation Bar Ability to change the font size of the Sidebar text Ability to change the font size in Content Area Gadgets text A new theme called "Ski" All-inclusive design menu called, Themes, Colors, Fonts Our Brand New Website: Here's some screenshots: Visit the Commemorative Google Site for these new Sites features. New Menu with everything you need in a simple fashion. See, change the font size! Awesome redesigned menu. New Theme ca

5 Professional Google Sites Designs

+Kirksville Web Design  is known for excellent Google Sites design. You may remember our previous showcase of 5 websites   in January. Here's some more design for thought. Enjoy! The beautiful photographs of this architect blend well with the stark design. This attorney website is professional and modern. Housing and real estate companies can appreciate this approach to web design. Small business electrician website. Unique styling and font choices. Google Site for  a musician & composer. Built to be easy to manage and update.