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Google Sites and Cloudbakers (Part 2)

Why did you need/want a Google Sites consultant? What’s it been like working with Kirksville Web Design? We wanted a Google Sites consultant/partner to increase our knowledge expertise and efficiency. Kyle is 100% focused on Google Sites. Since partnering with Kyle the Great we have been able to bounce ideas off of each other and come up with creative solutions and designs for Sites. Simply put, partnering with Kirksville Web Design and working with Kyle has been awesome and beneficial for our clients. We’ve had a couple of great projects together, what were those like from your perspective? Yes we have! What always amazes me about you is the efficiency at which you work. We have actually had clients say they were happy and surprised with the amount of time it took. Your visual creativity for sites adds alot of value, it’s always important for sites to have good content, but the display is also important and contributes to the engagement of users. Our working relationship is exc

Google Sites and Cloudbakers (Part 1)

Introduction Building solid partnerships with Google Apps Resellers is an important aspect of being a freelancer, consultant, and/or the graphic designer. Just think, Google Apps Resellers are charged with providing cloud computing solutions and that alone has them involved in all sorts of supplementary services. My company, Kirksville Web Design , has had the pleasure of partnering with Google Apps Reseller, Cloudbakers , for Google Sites design and development services. For the most part, we provide the graphics and Sites know-how, while Cloudbakers consults with clients and provides Google Apps Script support. My point of contact over the past months has been Andrew Johnston. We chat all the time and so when I asked him for an interview, he was delighted. A Great Google Apps Reseller in Chicago, IL, US Andrew, tell us a bit about Cloudbakers and yourself. I am the Manager of Business Development for Cloudbakers , a Chicago-based Google Apps Premier SMB Reseller. Working


Here at Kirksville Web Design  we are proud to announce the launch of our newest website and this one is close to our heart. =) is dedicated to easily showing people how to find a Google Apps Authorized Reseller near you. Visitors can use the handy Google Map tool to find their location and Google Apps Resellers in their area. We look forward to telling you more about the site, but for now, explore it and enjoy.

Site Search Update & Bug

UPDATE 6/5/2012 9:13am - Steps are being taken to fix the bug as I speak. The search box can now be disabled. If you had it previously disabled before the bug it will revert to that. However, there seems to be some vertical alignment issues to iron out. Horizontal navigation bars are being adversely effected. I'll keep you posted. Intro This is kind of a bug report and update in one. Overall this is a small update, but one that will be very handy for company intranets and schools. I hope to use it soon on Kirksville Web Design intranet projects. Bug Even though you may have Search disabled, it seems to be showing up. You can visit Manage Site > Site Layout > Site Search > the box will be unchecked. This may interfere with graphics that weren't made to take this into account. A small hassle, but still one that needs resolved. Update A new checkbox for search all sites in your Google Apps domain. You are no longer confined to searching within one site f