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Set Up Email Notifications When Your Google Docs Form is Submitted or Filled Out

Howdy! Beckystar here again .... Google docs forms work hand in hand with google sites and are a favourite to user wanting to contact you, forms are quick and simple to fill out but what about the replies? So, here is how to find out virtually straight away when people fill out and hit submit on one of your google doc forms! Once you have created your form close the window by hitting the big red cross! Open the spread sheet which contains your once filled out forms data > choose share > set notification rules > select "A user submits a form" option and how often you want to know, straight away or a daily digest. Remember to save your changes!

Revert Back To The Old Google Sites User Interface

Hello! Beckystar from Web Princess fame here .... long time not blog! If you are not getting on with the new user interface that google sites introduced recently you can revert back to the classic style So here is how to disable the new user interface. Ok > go to (or go to your google site) and log in with your google account > click on the 'user settings' link which is located under the cog like settings icon in the top right of your browser's page. Uncheck the box beside 'use the new look' Remember to save your changes then you are done!

Document Hosting With Google Products - Google for Non-Profits Blog

Document Hosting With Google Products - Google for Non-Profits Blog

Google Sites Hangout with KWD

UPDATE: I would like to thank all who joined this successful Google + Hangout. I plan to report our topics of discussion in a subsequent post. Join Kirksville Web Design right now for a Google + Hangout.

Bug Report: Check Your Websites

Issue: Scrollbars are Popping Up Everywhere If you have created an image that extends beyond the width of your content, on all browsers a scrollbar will now appear. See below: Ugly Ugly, Get Rid of It Now I made all my images width set to 30 pixels minus the Site Width set in Manage Site > Site Layout. Most of my pages are 940 pixels wide, so I had images set to 910 pixels. Through some update to Google Sites this causes a scrollbar to appear. Solution: The most efficient solution, rather than change the width of your images in the HTML, is to change your Site Width. Now all my images must be 32 pixels minus the Site Width in order to avoid the scrollbar. Alternative is the edit HTML, and in the <img src="..."> add width=" [## SITE WIDTH - 32 PIXELS] px" Conclusion: Unannounced updates and unforeseen bugs from the Google Sites team really throw me for a loop. I'll try to keep all up to date with any Google Sites bugs that come our

How Much Should a Google Sites Website Cost?

When a field such as Google Sites web design is brand new it is difficult for clients, designers, and other interested parties to approach the cost. After all, Google Sites is free and the hosting is free. So what are you paying for with a Google Sites website? How much is it really worth? Pricing in the General Web Design Market Take a look at the conclusions illustrated in this chart from the study contained at   KWD - Kirksville Web Design doesn't charge you nearly the going rate. Should the cost of a Google Site be as high as a typical website? No, not really. There is a lot less work that must be done to a Google Sites website because it is more efficient for the designer. I can't speak for all Google Sites designers but here are the factors that dictate our cost. Factors for Cost Graphic Design Time Consultation and Training Time Coding of Gadgets, HTML, and Scripts Time Domain Name Se

Google + Hangout with Kirksville Web Design

UPDATE: Thanks for all that came to the hangout. My next scheduled Google + Hangout will be 10/12/2011 at 4:30pm Eastern US (EST). Hi folks, Kyle Horst of Kirksville Web Design here, I am hanging out on Google + right now for the next 2 hours. Join up: I'll try to actually schedule this next time. =) Until Next Time!