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Google Sites Interface Overhaul

Google Sites receives a interface update in much the same style as the other Google Apps. This interface, like the others I'm sure, will catch you off guard - your classic icons will be replaced with sleeker, gray icons (The gray trend in web design seems to keep on growing.) Here at Kirksville Web Design , we instantly could not resist hitting the "Try our new look" button and delving into a redesigned world of Google Sites. It's more contemporary in look and feel, but there's not effect on the content. If you can't seem to find how to implement the new look, go to: Gear Icon in Top Right User Settings User Interface    Use the new look What does this teach us about web design in general? It is important to keep your websites fresh. I have been bumping into too many websites from the 1990's. Reach out to these folks and tell them that they can have a contemporary website, with a contemporary interface. Incorporate the new cool tones in we

Secret Google Sites Update - Google Plus

UPDATE: 9/15/2011 This has been formally released today! Yay +1 buttons for all. UPDATE: 8/31/2011 Although the +1 gadget is no longer as accessible, there is a gadget solution. Go to: More Gadgets > Public > "Google +1 button." UPDATE: Seems the gadget has been removed, probably temporarily. Look for it soon. At Kirksville Web Design , we love Google Plus , it's all the rage. It's a facebook killer some might say. It's just plain fun to learn and share with. Now, the Google + button was a bit enigmatic as to what purpose it served at first, but now it totally makes sense when paired with the Google+ social network. So immediately, when I went to post the Google + button on my Google Sites, it didn't work out. I had to host the code elsewhere and iframe it into the Google Site. An iframe, in case you don't know is a gadget that basically is a window into another website that doesn't have to even look like a window. It's very helpful for g