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Google Sites Training Videos

The New Website: The Purpose: Provide quick and informative video tutorials for using Google Sites to a broad audience of company end-users, small businesses and inquisitive individuals. The Approach: Short & Fast paced - we keep our videos under 5 minutes to ensure your attention span isn't taxed and that viewers walk away with the information they need. One of Our New Videos:

Google Sites Updates Incoming

It's been a historical fact that when Google Sites gets some updates or upgrades, it starts acting a little funny. That's why I'm here to give you a bug report and note some changes occurring. Bug Report Before today, you could add "spacers" into the horizontal navigation bar by Adding a URL, Hitting Space Bar for the Title, and putting a URL in the Web Address Field. No link would be visible or Link Title, but it would add some space between two normal links. Now, if your Link Title has just spaces, it will display the Link URL you put in. Therefore, you can't reasonably space out your links with this method anymore. So far it is not retro-active, affecting your existing spacers. Update Report Site Search Configuration has moved. It used to be located in Site Layout and, perhaps in line with Edit Site Layout changes, they have moved it to the General Settings Section. Stay tuned for upcoming changes as they happen. I'll keep y