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How To Get Page Descriptions / Meta Tags in Google Sites Created in Apps

Happy Monday all! Ok, do not fret you can get meta tags in google sites created in Apps, however you may not see the page descriptions box when you click on more > page settings. If this is the case then you need to log into your apps account and make a simple chanage. Go to and log into your apps account in 'domin management' mode. Click on domain settings, the click the radar button readinig Rapid release. All you are doing is giving google the green light to add features rapidly as they shoot along. Now you have the box at your disposal enjoy labelling all those pesky pages won't you ... B x

Dictionary Definition - Meta Tags

Happy Friday all! To add to Kyle's great and informative post about meta tags I thought I would share with you my theory about adding  page descriptions via the "Page Settings" dialog. All you need to make note of the dictionary's description of a meta tag, otherwise you will just be dding mindless keywords which, quite frankly, will look and sound like a big fat spam sandwich. met·a·tag noun Computers .   a tag in HTML that is inserted at the top of a Web page chiefly to describe its content and provide keywords for use by search engines. So, take heed, take time and describe your pages content, but briefly. It really helps if the content of your page is original in the first place, then naturally your meta tag will be more meaningful and visible in searches. Content is king in SEO and meta tags are often used in search snippets too (aka search results text). This is a great feature and is something or

New Page Descriptions Improve SEO for Google Sites

Introduction So, I was in page settings (under MORE), doing my thing - hiding links to subpages, attachments, and comments - and I saw a page description field. This is brand new! Let's look deeper on this small, but important update! Page Description - Believe it or not, that wasn't there before. I promise. Effect For most, this will have a positive impact on public facing websites SEO. Now you can specifically create the meta data for pages. Let's map out an example. You are an attorney who focuses on three different areas of practice: family law, criminal law, and estate law. The Site Description creates a blanket description for your website, so you might describe that you are a lawyer in Anytown, USA. Now let's imagine you have a page under Services called Family Law. Page title is very important, but it's good to follow that up with a good description explain that you handle Divorce and Child Custody. This page information will be factored in to

iGoogle's Retiring - How it affects Gadgets for Sites

Summary Since iGoogle is retiring fully in 2013, the Google Gadget editor will be effected. Referred to as the Google Gadget Gallery in Google Sites, this gallery of published gadgets will go away. The functionality of xml gadgets will be constant though, so prepare your websites. Quoted from Google: As we announced on the Official Google Blog , on November 1, 2013, we will be retiring iGoogle. To ensure a smooth transition for your users, you may want to update your gadgets and direct users to your site or offer the ability to export user data. You may also consider launching your application on one of our other platforms . Similarly, we will stop accepting new gadgets after July 31, 2012 - but you will be able to update and maintain existing gadgets, as before. What to do Take the initiative to host your gadgets (look for the .xml file) on your own Google Site. You can upload them anywhere on your site and use the "Add Gadget by URL" feature.

Favorite Free Font - Ashbury Light

A beautiful serif font free on, but get it for free! It's always great to have a classy font in your arsenal. Just gives you the feeling that a classic font can convey modernity in the right setting. Click here to visit and download.