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Google Sites Server Issues

I don't want this to sound like a really serious issue, but this is the best way I could word it. So, what's the scoop? The Issue Google Sites have been acting unreliable since 3/21 when images weren't loading from Google's servers. This affects everything from slideshows to the picture of your cat on your family website. Images are randomly showing up and disappearing with every refresh. It kind of a here and there bug, but it's annoying. The Solution Hope that this is some sort of internal update and will go away soon. =) Conclusion Just want to keep all you Google Sites fanboys updated.  Here's the Google Sites Help Forum thread:!category-topic/sites/E39Hd9YbkDI

New! Add Google Drive Folder to Google Sites

Intro Hey everybody!  +Kyle Horst  here with the information on this brand new feature! This is a feature we've all been wanting and it has been described on the Google Sites Help forum many times - a link between Google Drive and Google Sites. Google Sites, while it has those file cabinet pages, isn't the best document management system available, especially next to the incredible set of features in Google Drive. There was a nice solution developed by Google Apps Script guru  +Romain Vialard  , which worked perfectly using the List type page to show documents. It synced and everything, but it wasn't too convenient to setup. It's a bit ironic that not until we've developed some solution ourselves that the Google Sites team swoops in and mimics the same idea. Anyways, let's learn about the new feature - Add Google Drive Folder to Google Sites. How to Add a Google Drive Folder to Google Sites To find the feature go to: Edit Page Mode Insert from To