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Google Sites Web Address Mapping to Multiple Domains, Secondary Domains.

Intro : In Google Apps for Work, in the past, you could only web address map a Google Sites to a subdomain of the primary domain. Let me explain: You run Google Apps for the Primary Domain: You want to launch a new site on your Alias/Secondary Domain: This was impossible unless you moved your Google Site off of Google Apps completely and into the free Google Sites/Gmail world. You lose the security, extra hosting space, and other benefits. Update: Here's what Google had to say in a very recently update: Complex businesses can require multiple Google Apps domain instances to meet their needs. Previously, certain domain management functionality was restricted to primary domains only, making managing multiple domains a bit cumbersome. With today’s launch, we’re extending several key features to secondary domains to make managing multiple domain instances more seamless: Web address mapping ―have your Google Sites appe