Monday, June 4, 2012

Site Search Update & Bug

UPDATE 6/5/2012 9:13am - Steps are being taken to fix the bug as I speak. The search box can now be disabled. If you had it previously disabled before the bug it will revert to that. However, there seems to be some vertical alignment issues to iron out. Horizontal navigation bars are being adversely effected. I'll keep you posted.

This is kind of a bug report and update in one. Overall this is a small update, but one that will be very handy for company intranets and schools. I hope to use it soon on Kirksville Web Design intranet projects.

Even though you may have Search disabled, it seems to be showing up. You can visit Manage Site > Site Layout > Site Search > the box will be unchecked.

This may interfere with graphics that weren't made to take this into account. A small hassle, but still one that needs resolved.

A new checkbox for search all sites in your Google Apps domain. You are no longer confined to searching within one site for what you need.

To go along with this update, a drop down box specifying the default setting is available.

Google Apps Wide Site Search Capability!

Google Sites is received a bit more love in terms of intranet-helpful updates. Perhaps more integration with Google Drive is on the horizon. We shall see.

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