Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Template - Carbide

Kirksville Web Design has a new Google Sites theme available named Carbide, which sports a sophisticated design perfect for businesses, photographers, and tech websites.

Carbide makes good use of the 100+ new web fonts available for Google Sites, mainly using the popular Lobster font. The main background (background image) is textured and gradient to make it interesting. The footer background (background wrapper image) provides perfect space for footer information like links and contact info. Did you know that background wrapper image is layered above background image and background color. That makes it great for footer backgrounds!

Bold bright text really pops off the cool stark background

As seen here, you can use one grand image (site is 900px wide) to show off your product in high-definition. This would be perfect for embedding a video or iframe for a slideshow.

The navigation disregards even the horizontal navigation because of its limitation. Although your navigation title font can be changed, often times it is an entirely too small font size to warrant legibility.

Footer Background as Background Wrapper Image

Exotically colored button really stand out from the cold carbon style background, use this to your advantage.

This new free template is published to the Google Sites template database and is titled Carbide. Enjoy and explore.

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