RSS Feed for Google Sites!

A Reliable Gadget for Embedding your Feeds
I was struggling just weeks ago trying to create a RSS feed that looked decent and accomplished what should be a simple task. This minor update caught me by surprise and I am happy to see it.

I was using FeedWind to accomplish a RSS feed through an iframe, that means my html was hosted with a third-party and embedded onto the webpage via Mori79's iframe gadget (search iframe under public gadgets and it is the first one).

The Slideshow Option. Not terribly useful, but nice.

Anyways, no more iframes, just a customizable, easy to use Google-endorsed gadget. We at Kirksville Web Design have already fully tested out this gadget including the interesting display feature, slideshow. The slideshow only shows the title as a link and a thumbnail. It's not the most useful or aesthetically pleasing, but I'm all for options here.

No Transparency Allowed on Hexcode for bg color.
Here's the original post below. Enjoy!

Better customization for your RSS Gadget in Sites
We’ve also added a new RSS gadget for Google Sites to our “Featured” gallery.

The new RSS gadget gives you complete control over the appearance of the gadget: You can customize any aspect of the feed, including font, color, size, number of items to display, and post length.

To set your gadget, go to Insert > More Gadgets > Featured, and look for RSS Feed.

Improved mobile rendering
After we released our initial version of Google Sites automatic mobile rendering, you enabled the option for over 50,000 sites, making it clear that you’re looking for a better way to easily publish content for mobile devices.

Based on what you’ve told us, we’re adding the additional behaviors to make automatic mobile rendering on Google Sites even better, including:
  • Images and header logos automatically scale in mobile mode
  • Gadgets and text boxes have widths that fit mobile devices
  • Pages with multi-column layouts stack columns vertically on mobile


Thanks for continuing to let us know what you think about our products -- these changes wouldn’t be possible without you.

Posted by: Rajiv Bammi, Software Engineer


  1. I could not find RSS Feed after 10 mins of scrolling the results of such gadget search. Any chance you could post a direct link please?

  2. I found it, but how do I get it to auto-refresh??? I don't want to be refreshing the page by myself, or asking my users to do so..

  3. ive been using an awesome gadget by Pamela Fox for Jobs listings...example:

  4. Your RSS feed gadget is simple and clean, exactly what I've been looking for! However, when I click on the "more posts" button, I'm sent to:, with some directions for real-time notifications that I don't understand. How do I get the "more post" button to work?

  5. I've been playing with your RSS Feed for the last 3 hours and I can't get any of the options to work. It gets my feed from

    But it will only show it with Blue text on a white background no matter what options I add to it. Am I missing something or is there a problem?


  6. Maybe I am the only one experiencing this, but as of May 2012 the Google Sites gadget for RSS feeds has stopped working when trying to create new feeds. My existing ones work ok, but when I try to create a new RSS feed on a Google site page using the provided gadget, it seems to never save the URL value I provide in the properties setup (the field “RSS feed URL *” never saves when I put a value in). The result when I try to preview is “No feed URL is set”. Very frustrating! If this is gadget is broken for everyone I would have thought there would be a ton of complaints, but maybe it is just something with how our organization has configured Google Sites perhaps? Any tips or advice appreciated! Thanks, Doug

  7. Having the EXACT same problem as Doug. Extremely frustrating.

  8. Same here."No feed URL is set”.

  9. Me too same issue what is wrong

  10. This is infuriating. How can someone provide something that doesn't work? You'd think there'd be some fundamental testing, I mean testing by more than one person. I think I would be able to recruit a friend or to just to make sure it worked. It's the same. The URL is not saved once the RSS gadget is set up. I tried other methods (one using a javascript) but knew that Google sites would not allow that kind of code. Any suggestions, anyone?

  11. Working on something to release soon to fix our problems!

  12. Just release - the Feedburner Buzzboost RSS gadget for Google Sites - here's a link to the post:

  13. Is it possible for an RSS feed to work when Google Site sharing is set to 'anyone with a link'?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. THX Kyle for the post here.

    I had the problem on my German Google Sites and tried to implement you solution (by default there was no integrated RSS-Feed like on the English version), but no success.
    So, after a few hours of experimental work I got a damn simple solution and anyone who likes to implement it is welcome.

    The CODE

    (The CODE is not complete.Please, Kyle ore anyone else, contact me for the whole CODE - its just a line. The bloger here made some problems.)

    The important thing is to have the "posts.xml" on the end. Copy the code, open the site were you would like to insert the RSS-Feed, go to "Edit Page", see where you want to insert the code (mark it on the page, example: HERE), open the "Edit HTML source", insert the code above and replace with the exact URL of the page you want to make the RSS-Feed. Save and try out! :)

    As a example I'll give you the URL of my German Homepage where I made it. I even inserted a RSS-Feed icon for better view:

    The site is private and it works there like charm.

    Have fun. :D

  16. I was wondering how to do this, I have one Google Site and wasn't sure how to do it. Look forward to more posts like this!

  17. The best thing i got in RSS gadget it can help us to control the apearance of the gadget and we also change in the graphics and in this way our website getting more new information technology attraction of the visitors. Very imformative things you discuss in this blog. Thank you for the blog.


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