Google Sites Tip - Using JotForm Contact Forms

Many of us have come to realize that Google Sites doesn't offer a nice contact form to manage visitors comments and questions.  However, offers Google Site developers a fast and very creative way to make forms that are easy and simple to manage. Its a semi-free service, meaning it gives you a free amount of web storage, but you can upgrade for more space.

Simply Make an account, (email, password) and start designing. You can use the templates offered by JotForm or you can start from scratch. I find working with a blank slate is the best.

You have many different items to pick from to create your forms. Size, colors, fonts, there really isn't anything you can not custom design in these forms. Options you can work with include: FORM TOOLS, QUICK TOOLS, SURVEY TOOLS, POWER TOOLS, PAYMENT TOOLS.

As you see, its some real powerful items that can be used to design your form. So play around and have fun! Hope this add some nice creative design to just having a plain form.


  1. I always liked using Google Doc's forms, but I can definitely see the advantages to using JotForms here. Endless possibilities, truly.

    How do you go about embedding the finished form? Is it easy?


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