Google Sites Tip - Favicon

Definition: A favicon is the icon that is displayed in browser tabs, bookmarks, etc.

Google Sites allows the uploading of a custom favicon.  The favicon will be displayed for all pages of the site and is one of the simple things that makes your site more credible.

To make and upload a favicon is simple.  First of all, get the free graphics and photoshop-like program GIMP.  It is an essential program for web designers like myself.  I use it for all my graphics.
  •  Open GIMP
  • Create 'New'
  • Specify a 32x32 pixel canvas
  • Create your symbol/icon
  • Save and name as favicon.ico, choose the 32 bpp option
  • In your Google Site go to Manage Site > Attachments
  • Click Upload and select your favicon.ico file
It's that easy!  Enjoy your new favicon and differentiate yourself from the typical Google Sites crowd.

That Favicon is Boring Anyway


  1. Is weird. Cause i have done everything is should. The file is named favicon, and the file type is .ico, so thats correct. I uploaded it, and the location is at / so that should be correct too. But it still doesnt show up in front of my URL, what am i doing wrong?!? pelase help.

  2. The favicon doesn't load when you use your own domain name and redirect to your Google Sites page, at least of Firefox. Do you know of any way to make it work?

  3. Never mind, I just figured it out. To have your favicon show up when you are using your own domain name, you have to also upload your favicon to your redirect folder on the host of your domain name,in addition to loading on your Google Site.


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