Google Sites Tutorials - Creating a Website

I have a youtube channel to which I am posting videos of how to use Google Sites to create your own professional looking free websites.  Here's a little introduction to my video.

First of all, I wanted to start from the beginning of using Google Sites to create a website.  Anyone can build a website with Google Sites with a little know how and some guidance.  I have been making websites for many months now, selling them and giving them away.  I use Google Apps all the time, and what makes Google Sites great is that it's free!  You can reap 100% profit here, well besides buying a lil' domain name for $10 a year. 

So, please join me on this tutorial for creating your site with tips and tricks from a web designer.

Please subscribe to my youtube channel: if you want to be notified of my next upload!  Have fun.


  1. I would like to create a web page for my weekly school.

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  3. It is not easy to create a website especially if you have limited knowledge about the programs and applications like CSS, java and more. I admire people who have the skills to make those compelling websites. Anyway, I'm on my 2nd week of learning web designing.

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  5. Its' good to see that you are posting the video for creating web sites on Google sites.I suggest that you should also give the basic steps and requirements for easiness.

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  10. Thank for your sharing, Design Web is easy with Google sites !


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