Business - Selling Points of Google Sites

When I have proposed building a website for a business or organization, there are several selling points I try to drive at.  That is, I focus on the advantages of using Google Sites to build their website.  Let's look at some of these:
  • There are no initial investments to build a Google Site - The designer doesn't have to purchase any software, have taken any classes, or even provide hosting.  The customer is able to buy at cost your time and effort.  You can undercut the competition!  Custom sites can cost $400+, you can do better than that.
GIMP, Free Photo Editing and Design Program
  •  The customer is not out of the loop, they can participate in uploading and creating content.  Since you are using a very user-friendly medium, the customer can learn to get involved instead of always paying or bothering the webmaster.  Share you site to the customer as a collaborator, if they want.
  • Promote the Google Apps package deal.  If you design using Google Sites no doubt you have experience with the other Google Apps Small Businesses can use like Google Calendar, Gmail, etc.  If you sell them the package deal you are on your way to becoming a Google Apps Authorized Reseller.
You have an impressive cloud package to present.

  • Google Sites is good for SEO.  You are basically using an all HTML platform, and though you might not be able to implement slick Flash elements, Google can efficiently index your website.
  • You can provide quick turnaround.  If you are a Google Sites expert, or even a novice, you can create a draft of a website in like 8 solid hours.  Unlike web design companies that take weeks or months to produce, you can be very timely.
 I hope this helps any web designers that want to sell their creative work using Google Sites.  Don't forget to act professional because no client wants a wonky webmaster.


  1. Hi,its nice to read a useful article for beginner like me.Some of points from this article are very helpful for me as I haven’t considered them yet.I would like to say thank you for sharing this cool article.

  2. hi... This is really good artical ....

  3. I was looking to find all these stuffs. Thanks these are all very helpful to me, as I am using google sites platform to run my site.


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