Tip - Create a TRUE Digital Signature

If you design a website, you know about a contact page. You know to list your name, number, email, all of that right? Well, its time we start taking control over that feature, and giving our viewers and clients, and more new and creative way of relaying that informatoin.

Digital Signatures

A Digital Signature can contain any information you want to have, that your clients or customers will be able to scan using their phone to relay the data stored. Its the barcode that you may see on the back of a item you buy, but instead of numbers, its information!
This is my personal digital signature. If scanned with a phone, it will display my name, email,
phone, and website. There are many websites out there that you can create one of these items. the best thing is that you can use them on business cards, or flyers, or for information on your site.

Microsoft Tag have a really nice and cool feature that you can make your digital sign. point to multiple things. The image below shows what a microsoft tag image will look like.

Using your smart phones (most of us have them now days) you can download the apps to make give a true upgrade to your style of design. give it a shot with the 2 images i posted to see how this really works.


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