Tip - Getting Into SEO

Sorry it has been awhile since my last post...this time of the year is always hectic.  Anyways, happy to quench the thirst of readers with this next topic.

SEO.  If you are new to the game, it means search engine optimization, that in turn means "Why isn't my website on Google?"  There are a couple beginning tips I have for those making their websites public:
  1. Make it Public!  Make sure you Google Site is set to viewable by the public.  This is an option, More Actions > Manage Site > Share this Site > Change to Public.
  2. Buy a Domain!  This is the biggest step in SEO you take make for your website.  For just $9 - $12 a year you can own a domain, and it is not as difficult as you may think.  I recommend GoDaddy.com, but bypass all the bells and whistles, just buy the domain.
  3. Submit to Google!  I don't mean bow down to the power of Google.  If you simply type into to google "submit url to google," click on the first real webpage and fill out the extremely short form that tips off google to the fact you have a new website.  They will crawl it/ index it in a week safely.  A good way to supplement this action is to work with Google Webmaster Tools, which is supported in Google Sites More Actions > Manage Site > General.
I'm sure if you are a beginner you'll need some help with managing the domain and nameservers, dns records, all that crazy stuff.  I'll help you out with my next post.  Stay tuned and thanks for visiting, join up!


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  2. The best internet marketing strategy? Well we already rely on Google for PPC, we rely on Google for Adsense, and we might be forced to rely on Google with G+.

  3. One good tip for SEO in 2013 is to make sure there are gaps between your keywords or they may not stand out as keywords in search engines.


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