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Remember quite a while ago when I posted about my small business, Kirksville Web Design?  Well, I laid low for awhile, not really searching for clients or anything.  Eventually, I received some phone calls of interested organizations.  First there was a waste management company, then someone called me on a proposal I made ages ago.  This all got me back in the mood for making websites! (Excitable, I know)

I wanted to write about two important business aspects of web design: proposals and drafting.  I also want to show you my new work so you can get inspired too.

Inspiration by

In the procurement world you are providing a description of the products and services you plan to provide the client.  Make the proposal clear and concise, no need for legal contract lingo, just make it obvious.

Technical assistance (service) can put the client at ease.  Also, let them know you're available to make amendments to the website (service) like add pictures, announcements, videos, new content.  Your product is your creative work, the website itself and any bonuses you throw in there like email addresses (free with Google Apps) and the domain address.  Really, you're offering a quasi-product service package thingy.  Lay it all out on the table.  Speaking of a table, offer them a time-table, when you can have it all ready or in stages.

Inspiration by

The client will obvious want an example or draft of the website.  You can get the impression across all on the home page.  Design, text, navigation, pictures, graphics, make it the best you know how.

However, how do you get the inspiration you need to build the website.  Two ways: look at others work and look at the client's past website if they have one.  I went to Webcreme for some web design inspiration.  This is one I found:  I also looked closely at my most frequently visited websites.  I drew inspiration for  I am always looking to improve my graphics, it can set you apart from the amateurs.  Push yourself to get better at using GIMP or whatever application you use.

Try your best, advertise to new business or businesses that need new websites, and put on your salesperson hat.  Woo!


  1. I have a hard question for you. I need to make a google site that will allow users to login and select or delete remembered information. Like customers logging into the website seeing the items they have selected before and them being able to update that info. Of course I could see this info on an auto-updating spreadsheet.

    If you could help me out with any parts to this puzzle I would greatly appreciate it. -Thank You

  2. Also great job on the websites. They are very inspirational.

  3. @Daniel

    Sounds impossible to me. Believe me, page permissions has been a big request from Google Sites users all over. I hope Google implements something to create this important website dynamic.

  4. You can make a website that looks like Google, it's really simple. Although your main idea is like a eCommerce website. You can use simple PHP, different scripts that can be found online and database to dynamically update the user's information or recent activities.


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