News - Google Science Fair Uses Google Sites

Google has its own science fair, who knew.  And that's great but, how does this relate to Google Sites?  Well, students, budding scientists, what have you, are submitting their projects via a Google Sites website...very cool.  Cool because I like when Google Sites receives exposure, it gives me that nice feeling of affirmation that just because upgrades are slow doesn't mean that Google Sites if off the radar.  This is a quote from the post, which I'll be adding the news archive:
"To enter, register online and create your project as a Google Site. Registration is open through April 4, 2011. Please note: you must get parental or guardian consent in order to compete. You can check out the complete rules here. After April 4, we’ll begin judging and will announce our semi-finalists in early May."
Google Sites as a vehicle for a project, this is a trend we've seen a lot, especially in the educational sphere.  I'll search "Google Sites" on twitter and see a whole bunch of teachers requiring students to submit projects as websites.  I think that's great that kids are not only thinking outside the box, but creating outside the box.  GS is just a great creative medium.  So here another snippet from the post:
"Here's an example of a great science fair project site to inspire you. We asked Tesca, a U.S. high school senior from Oregon, to create it for us based on an award-winning project she’s been working on for years. Tesca’s objective is to make hospitals more efficient using artificial intelligence—a world-changing goal, to be sure."

What can we learn from this Google Site example?  Not much really to be honest.  Here's my analysis:
  • Extremely stark, simple background
  • Good use of images as links
  • Text links at the footer (good idea I plan to use)
  • Blank Slate theme with left-side alignment, uses percentage width instead of set pixel site width.
Maybe next time I'll have a real news item, maybe.


    1. A News-e-ish item, pretty cool! I love this blog and your doing an awesome job with it. I think that Google Sites is a great tool and Thank You for showing people how to better use it.


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