Gadgets for Galleries

Trying to get a good gallery in Google Sites isn't the best. But to all those who would like something cool, do a gadget search for COOLIRIS. This gadget works hand in hand with your Picasa Web Album. Adding your user name (gmail name) and the name of your album ( makes it real simple and easy to add.

For some help on adding gadgets, be sure to check out the post Useful Gadgets to learn how to add them to your site. For an example of the Cooliris Gallery you can view my site to see how they work.

It's really neat and can add a nice flare to your portfolio or just a nice gallery! With the option to expand your gallery full screen, allow you to keep your dimensions small but still allow others to view the full image with no lost of DPI.

Hope this is a good useful tips Be sure to post some of your work on our site to show case your proud work!


  1. I like it but I am confused-I just can't see where or how to link it to a specific photo album in picasa?

  2. You copy the album name at the end, its found in the url of the gallery your viewing. For my logos the full url is

    once you add that gadget the user name will be"3sgraphics"...the album is "3rdStGraphicsLogos"

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