Tip - Dynamic Resizing

I don't know when it happened. I don't why it only works of Internet Explorer. This is a great discovery nonetheless - Dynamic Resizing of images in Google Sites.

The Discovery
It wasn't until recently that I started using IE for making Google Sites. The reason - Firefox and Chrome are logged into two other Google accounts. Anyways, that's not exactly important, what is important is that instead of the typical [ Small - Medium - Large ] you can scale an image to whatever you want it to be, and it looks pretty good too!

The Proof
Check out these two screen shots.

Resizing capability with Google Sites using Internet Explorer 9, who figured?

Dynamic scaling of images is a wonderfully nice tool to have.

The Impact
This development allows for flexibility within Google Sites. No longer must I have measurements exactly right for a vertical line divider...I can extend it when I need to.

The Questions
Will this interesting happenstance roll out for Google Chrome and Firefox? Is this an unannounced update or just a glitch that works really well? I really look forward to your comments and theories.


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  3. Thanks, you solved my problem. As of today, IE still allows scaling, FF still does not. Did you ever find any explanation for this?


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