Secret Google Sites Update - Google Plus

UPDATE: 9/15/2011 This has been formally released today! Yay +1 buttons for all.

UPDATE: 8/31/2011 Although the +1 gadget is no longer as accessible, there is a gadget solution. Go to: More Gadgets > Public > "Google +1 button."

UPDATE: Seems the gadget has been removed, probably temporarily. Look for it soon.

At Kirksville Web Design, we love Google Plus, it's all the rage. It's a facebook killer some might say. It's just plain fun to learn and share with.

Now, the Google + button was a bit enigmatic as to what purpose it served at first, but now it totally makes sense when paired with the Google+ social network.

So immediately, when I went to post the Google + button on my Google Sites, it didn't work out. I had to host the code elsewhere and iframe it into the Google Site. An iframe, in case you don't know is a gadget that basically is a window into another website that doesn't have to even look like a window. It's very helpful for gadgets, in fact most gadgets are some form of iframe.

Iframes, I love them, I use them all the time

Anyways, so I couldn't easily put the Google + button on my Google Sites. WELL, unannounced update today or  maybe last night, you can place a Google Plus button no problem.

No Iframe needed, +1 button easy as pie!

You have several choice about your display of the +1 button. Small, Medium, Standard, Tall. You can find the dimensions for these buttons here.

Attack of the +1 buttons, Counter is Optional by the way

The New +1 button corresponds to the individual page you place it on. If the button is on, it will +1 that page, not So go +1 crazy with all your pages. You can't afford not to.

+1 this post if you like to +1 (ya!) and tweet too, cause tweeting never goes out of style.


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