Freebie: 'Pixelated Seamless Tile Background'

Backgrounds and textures are increasingly important in contemporary web design. It can be hard to find suitable patterns for web design, I know, I've looked. It seems like everyone uses Adobe filetypes. Well here is a GIMP pattern (.pat) for free. See how I've used it below and then download it for yourself.

Create a high-tech look with this tile background. Not the crazy parallelograms, the gray part.
Use it for your background image in Google Sites for a fast-loading interesting background.

Try it as a table background. Remember edit html, background="image url here" in either <table> or <td>

Download the .png file using 'Pay with a Tweet.'

What is 'Pay with a Tweet'?
How can I convert this to use as GIMP pattern?
  • Open the .png file in GIMP > Save as... > Find your GIMP Folder (usually under your user) >save as a .pat > refresh your patterns and you should see it.


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