Revert Back To The Old Google Sites User Interface

Hello! Beckystar from Web Princess fame here .... long time not blog! If you are not getting on with the new user interface that google sites introduced recently you can revert back to the classic style

So here is how to disable the new user interface.

Ok > go to (or go to your google site) and log in with your google account > click on the 'user settings' link which is located under the cog like settings icon in the top right of your browser's page.

Uncheck the box beside 'use the new look'

Remember to save your changes then you are done!


  1. @becky

    Thanks for picking this up and posting this great tip. I know there used to be some bugs with Sites and the new interface. Are those still around to your knowledge? If so, what are they?

    Appreciate the post.

  2. This is crap. I dont get "User Setting" on my google and i'm signed in to my account

  3. David, actually it is you that is crap as you obviously didn't follow the instructions properly ..... i doubt you navigated to

  4. the old usef interface was quite easy to use and handle
    website builders


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