New Update - Admin Settings for Sites


This small but important update provides Google Apps administrators more control on the creation and visibility of Google Sites made within the Google Apps account. So, no, this won't have an effect on regular Google accounts Sites.

Users either can or cannot make Sites (that includes admins). Sites are either defaulted accessible within the organization or private.

More Admin Control means More Options - Check Google Apps Settings for Google Sites

Uses of Site Visibility Default Option

For users with sensitive information, making Google Sites private by default can be a relief. That way your information is private until you share it.

Uses of Site Creation Option

Administrators can create a company intranet Google Site and disable the ability to create more Google Sites. The change in creating Google Sites will not delete previously made websites or the right to access them. Therefore all information can be consolidated onto one Google Site.

Google Sites can be used less for making many different sites, and more for a single access point to the company intranet.


Google Sites are being used more for internal purposes. Google Sites are being used more by users and therefore require more options to control its use. 

Read the original article below for more information.

Original Article - More control for administrators over the creation and visibility of Google Sites

Released on 11/08/2011
Google Apps administrators now have the following new options in the Google Apps Control Panel for Sites:

Site Creation: Select whether to allow users in organizational units to create new sites.

Site Visibility: Select the default visibility for newly created sites per organizational unit.

Editions included:
Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education

Languages included:
US English only (Next Generation Control Panel)

How to access what's new:
In the admin control panel, click ‘Settings,’ then Sites, then ‘Org Settings’ to see the new options.

Note: We’re aware of a known cosmetic issue where the organizational unit name does not display properly in the Site Creation section. We’re working on resolving this.


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