Google Sites News - Gadget Cleanup

The News

The following features are now available to domains following the Scheduled Release track:

Sites: Removal of some categories in the Gadget Directory with ‘Featured’ becoming the default category.

For Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education.

The Google Sites Gadget Gallery got minimized.

The Effect

So does this have much of an effect on Google Sites? No, not really. In fact, it lumps all Google Sites gadgets into two categories: Public and Featured.

Featured gadgets are wonderful and are either made or endorsed by the Google Sites team. Steegle has some great gadgets for example. He is a Google Sites Help Forum top contributor.

My only inclination is to say that Google Sites gadgets have drawn some concern for being superfluous, buggy, and unreliable. Not to mention they are ill-categorized. An overhaul of the Google Sites Gadget Gallery is in my wish list. Some rankings and sorting options would be wonderful.

Don't you agree?



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  2. I agree, Google Sites could be the next "big thing", if only we could rate the gadgets, and if the "attachments" UI was more like picasa, instead of just a list of all the pictures that are on the site.

    1. True, information like that can be better organized.

  3. Yeah, I think Google Sites in general are severely lacking in multiple areas. I am waiting for a closer integration with Google+, hopefully soon.

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