Google Sites ePortfolios Hangout on Air

Update: The Hangout is over but I will post the video recording below. It was a lot of fun to create a Google Sites ePortfolio in about an hour. Enjoy!

Google Edu Hangout on Air

Electronic portfolios offer an authentic way to promote reflection on learning. Discover how to make a Google Sites template to share with your students and have them build their own portfolios.

The live event will begin Thursday, November 8, 2pm Eastern at my profile page:

Kyle from Kirksville Web Design will be Participating

So, if you have any questions related to the design or development side of ePortfolios, I will be weighing in and helping answer questions. I am very happy to help everyone learn about Google Sites and how powerful and fun a platform it can be.

Here's a fun graphic I made:

Also a Google Hangout Icon for everyone's use:

So hop on Google + and join this hangout if you are interested! Thanks all.


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