5 New Google Sites for Inspiration

1. Archer Properties - www.archerprop.com

Google Sites meets real estate, development and property management. We loved taking advantage of full width photos to advertise this company's properties.

2. Browder Law Firm, LLC - www.browderidlaw.com

Sophisticated and professional, that was the goal for this attorney's website. The firm's offerings are front and center, so the user-experience (UX) is plain and simple.

3. Carte Solutions - www.cartesyn.com

One of my favorite designs, especially because we got to create all the graphics for the site. Visual cues help people make sense of what this big data solutions company does. 

4. Foreman's Cleaning Service - www.foremanscleaningservice.com

Ever since Google's homepage, I loved a white background. All the text is Google web-font driven, so its responsive to a retina screen. Check out the contact us form too, all custom.

5. Firebird AST - www.firebirdast.com

Sometimes it's easy to come up with stylistic choices based on the type of business a company does. We went for technical, cool, modern and this consultant was very happy with the results.


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