Top 5 Google Sites SEO Mistakes

Can Google Sites have good SEO? How does Google Sites compare versus Wordpress? Can Google Sites get good page rank?

I hear these questions all the time from potential clients and existing customers trying to climb up the highly competitive ladder to page one search engine rankings.

Here's the answers: yes, as good, yes.

Proof: Search for "Google Sites Designer" what comes up? My website  It's a Google Site and it's always on page one search results. Google Sites doesn't have an SEO handicap, but there are pitfalls to avoid with any SEO.

Matt Cutts' Top Five SEO Mistakes

If you haven't seen the video check it out here, or play it below.

All these apply to Google Sites, so take note:

Problem #1 : My Google Sites isn't on Google.
Solution: Make sure your website is mapped to a custom domain like Also, make sure you have submitted your site to Google through Webmaster Tools.

Problem #2 : My Google Site doesn't rank well.
Solution: Write good copy that reflects how people search. Don’t just write, “Mt. Everest Height” but write, “How high is Mt. Everest?” because that is how people search.

Problem #3 : My target audience isn't finding my Google Site.
Solution: Random link building won't help you funnel customers to your website. Have a marketing strategy that uses unique, compelling content and social media. Reach out to your audience in their habitat through real-life and digital campaigns.

Problem #4 : My pages aren't optimized. How do I effectively title and describe my pages?
Solution: Give your whole website a good, well-fitting title and description. Remember, the Site Title is a good sentence. The Site Description is a good paragraph. And give your most important pages a Page Description, seen in More > Page Settings.

Problem #5 : I don't know what I'm doing for SEO and where to start.
Solution: Start watching Matt Cutts' videos and sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. SEO isn't rocket science nowadays. Awesome relevant content will float to the top eventually. 

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