5 Steps to Launch a Business using Google

Hello all! +Kyle Horst here with +Kirksville Web Design and now, my brand new local presence company, Columbia Web Design 

Google is an integral part of launching a new business these days. We setup a Google Apps account, launched a Google Sites website and created a Google Plus page with Maps listing. We also setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to track our web presence.

So, ya, we took advantage of all the free Google resources available to new businesses. Let's take a look at the steps.

Step 1

Buy a domain. We purchased www.columbiawebdesign.net because the .com was expensive and Google doesn't have domain extension (TLD) partiality. So don't feel bad if you can't get a .com

Setup Google Apps for Business.

GoDaddy is our preferred domain registrar.
We love Google Apps for Email Service +

Step 2

Decide on a business name and get that logo designed! We picked a symbol that identifies Columbia, MO. It is a Ionian style column that is on the University campus here. So it is definitely iconic and locally recognized.

Flat design, my favorite. 
Step 3

Make a website using Google Sites. We obviously made our website and designed it from scratch. If you need help with this step, let me know =)

Click here to visit the new Google Sites website for Columbia Web Design.

Step 4

Social media is so important for getting quality links quickly dispersed into the web-sphere. You'll need to provide your logo in several sizes to fit and maybe some banner images. We used the brick road quite a lot for a backdrop.

Our Facebook Page to match

Step 5

Track your visitors using Google Analytics, make sure your website is optimized with best SEO practices and double-check it on Google Webmaster Tools.

Track your influence and web traffic with Analytics


That's it! We launched out business and so can you. These 5 easy steps will definitely help you out and feel free to comment on other good ways to build a quick online presence.


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