New Google Sites Top Needed Features

Have you played with the New Google Sites? If you have, you may be noticing some missing key features. According to the Google Sites Help Forum (!topic/sites/NXcBWrvLq2c) here are some top requests and what the Google Sites team is working on, thankfully:

Publish to a group
Obviously permissions is an important part of Google Sites. You may want to share you site with the whole world or just a small group of associates. Contact groups are nice to share to as well, since that group can be flexible and change.

Customize logoJust text won't cut it for long. We want to brand these sites don't we. I don't exactly understand the need to limit us to a few colors and few fonts. =/

Copy a page/section
Makes sense.

Map to a domainHugely important both for internal usage and external. We want to easily navigate to these sites.

Search within a Site
I don't know why this wasn't built in first thing. This alone will limit us to small project sites. A search engine in Google Sites is essential for finding information on a deep site.

Nest Pages / Deeper Subpages / Better Sitemap Control
Right now you only have top level nav and dropdown subpages. Again, this will keep sites simple & small.


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