We’re making it easier to embed Google+ streams in the new Google Sites. This feature is a top request from users who want to create more interactive and engaging sites. The launch will help you:

  • Increase the social aspect of sites. Users can see all the posts, photos, comments, and other content that they’d see with the full G+ experience. 
  • Enable free-flowing communication. Users can add comments, +1s, and more to the G+ content directly from the site. 
  • Keep content fresh. Users can avoid duplicate content management by having G+ updates appear automatically in sites. 

How embedded G+ streams work 

You can embed many types of G+ post streams in your Google Sites pages. Specifically, you can embed a top-level community page, a community category page, a collection page, a search results page, or a G+ profile. Formatting of the G+ embed will automatically adjust to the width you set. Once it’s embedded, users can interact with posts just as they can on the full G+ experience. 

Permissions to see and interact with the stream are determined by whether users can see the content in G+. So if you embed from a private G+ community, only members of that community will be able to see the content on the site.

See our Help Center for more details on how to embed G+ streams in Google Sites.
You can add a Google+ community, collection, or profile stream to your site.
  1. On your computer, open Google+.
  2. Go to the Google+ page of the stream you want to add to your site.
  3. Copy the URL of the Google+ page.
  4. Open a site in new Google Sites.
  5. At the right, click Embed.
  6. Paste the URL of the stream.
  7. Click Insert.
  8. At the top right, click Publish.
Note: You can add a top-level community stream or specific community category streams to your site